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  1. Malazilkree says:
    Nov 12,  · Liver pain can take several forms. Most people feel it as a dull, throbbing sensation in the upper right abdomen. Liver pain can also feel like a stabbing sensation that takes your breath away.
  2. Mezijind says:
    As verbs the difference between hurt and hurted is that hurt is to be painful while hurted is (archaic|or|nonstandard) (hurt). As an adjective hurt is wounded, physically injured. As a noun hurt is an emotional or psychological hurt (humiliation or bad experience).
  3. Dutilar says:
    I've amended the focus of the question to the auxiliary verb because it's not hurt which is being asked about: it's whether to use Are you or Did you get (or maybe its near-relative, Were you).. If someone is hurt at some indeterminate point in the past, then the question you ask says something about their present state. It doesn't matter how far in the past the injury occurred — it could be.
  4. Shasho says:
    Aug 17,  · Committee Chairman Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., at a Seante hearing on June 10, He asserted that Democrats care more about hurting President Donald Trump's re-election campaign than in passing.
  5. Akinogrel says:
    May 28,  · Generally, jaw pain on one side isn’t cause for immediate concern. But in rare cases, it can be an early sign of a heart attack. Anyone can experience this symptom, but it does occur more.
  6. Tatilar says:
    hurt 1. mod. very ugly; damaged and ugly. (Streets. Similar to hurting.) That poor girl is really bad hurt. 2. mod. drug intoxicated. (Streets.) Gert was really hurt and nodding and drooling. See: (it) doesn't hurt to ask (it) never hurts to ask a little (hard) work never hurt anybody a little (hard) work never hurt anyone ache for butthurt cry before.
  7. Kashura says:
    Apr 05,  · Provided to YouTube by Pias UK Limited Be Hurt · EELS The Deconstruction ℗ E Works Released on: Producer: E Composer: E Lyricist: E Music Publisher: E 75% // 25% Rusty Logsdon.
  8. Mikora says:
    French Translation of “to be hurt” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over , French translations of English words and phrases.

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