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  1. Sazshura says:
    Sep 03,  · Leave it to Steely Dan to sound nonplussed about the song they’re maybe best known for. “It’s dumb but effective,” Donald Fagen told Rolling Stone in of the Can’t Buy a Thrill Single.
  2. Kajinos says:
    Yes Stanley seemed to cross the diamond with the pearl and then along with the Merry Pranksters (Technicolor motor home) went on to turn the whole world on. This song is Steely Dan at their best. The wry, but ingenious humor buried in masterful lyrics and skillful musicianship catches my attention everytime and Kid Charlemagne is one of their best.
  3. Totaur says:
    " Kid Charlemagne " is a song by the rock group Steely Dan, which was released as a single from their album The Royal Scam and reached number 82 in the Billboard charts. It is a fusion of a funk rhythm and jazz harmonies with rock and roll instrumentals and lyrical style.
  4. Gohn says:
    The Royal Scam was Steely Dan's darkest album lyrically, a collection of character sketches with little sympathy for their protagonists. Opening track "Kid Charlemagne" is the most notorious of these studies, an unsparing portrait of a San Francisco drug dealer/chemist who was a counterculture star in the golden age of the hippies but whose cultural moment is long since past.
  5. Zum says:
    Dec 24,  · h=hammer on p=pull off /=slide INTRO: C7#9 VERSE 1: Am G6 While the music played you worked by candle light F6/9 Bb13 Those San Fransisco nights, they were the best in town Am G6 Just by chance you crossed a diamond with a pearl F6/9 Bb13 You turned it on the world, that's when you turned the world around F6 G Am G6 Dm7 Em7 Dm7 Did.
  6. Vozahn says:
    Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne Lyrics Steely Dan. Edit lyrics Print Lyrics Popular Right Now. WAPCardi B; You were the best in town. Just by chance you crossed the diamond with the pearl Get along get along Kid Charlemagne Get along Kid Charlemagne. Now your patrons have all left you in the red.
  7. Tora says:
    Then there was the contest for Best Pop Vocal Album, a category as pointless then as it is now. Its incoherent parameters dictated that Steely Dan and Don Henley go up against millennial pop.
  8. Diktilar says:
    KID CHARLEMAGNE As recorded by Steely Dan (From the Album THE ROYAL SCAM) Music by Donald Fagan and Walter Becker Am xxx G6 xx Am11 7 fr. xx B` 13 x 6 fr. xxC7 x 9 fr. xxDm 5 fr. xxDm7 5 fr. Bm7 ` 5 x x 6 fr. xE7 x 5 fr. xFxmaj7x 9 fr. xEmxx7+5 7 fr. B7 ` 9 xx 7 fr. xEm/Gx 3 fr. G.
  9. Kijas says:
    Aug 02,  · steely dan kid charlemagne guitar lesson. Guitar Tutorial. Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne (Live) XEDJC. Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne (Live) Jaydave. Read The Best of Steely Dan Songbook 0 Ebook Free. Onsotsow. Steely Dan -F.M. Hiroshi Tanaka. Steely Dan - Black Friday (Drum Cover) Bartosz Dolewski.

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